Impulse Delivered, Becomes Fantasia

Our friend Chris brought Impulse down to us. He has a massive Ford pickup truck, which makes hauling the boat easy. He happened to be on Whidbey Island that weekend, and it was just a couple of miles out of his way.

Unfortunately, as he was bringing it in the last couple of miles, the brakes on the trailer started smoking. We weren't sure why at the time (I'll cover that in a later post). Still, it made it and got dropped in Greg's parent's driveway. Our driveway isn't conducive to parking the boat because of the steepness of it.

We had a few hours to admire our new possession before having to get ready for our vacation.

That morning we had decided on what we were going to rename the boat. Although Impulse was a good name, we had decided that Fantasia was a better name for us.

First, Sandi had just lost her mom. Her mom was a Disney Imagineer, having worked for Disney for more than 15 years. Her 15 year anniversary award was a Mickey Mouse with the sorcerer's hat and robe from the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment of the 1940 movie Fantasia. Some of Sandi's best memories growing up was going to the Disney parks with her mom, as well as one of her last. The last time Sandi had been with her mom, they went to Walt Disney World together.

Second, Greg's dad had been taking us to the Seattle Symphony for the last several years. We had heard many of the pieces from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 being played live at various points. Since Greg's dad was helping make the acquisition of the boat possible, it seemed appropriate.

Third, I could just imagine the kids trying to bail the boat to the music of Paul Dukas's Sorcerer's Apprentice as new water came crashing over the sides.

It will take a while before the new name will be applied to the boat, so in the pictures that follow, it will still say Impulse until we can finish the renaming.