Connected the Trailer to the Van

Raised hitch mount
Raised hitch mount

We have a Dodge Caravan. This is not the ideal vehicle for hauling a boat around. For one, its maximum towing capacity is 3500 pounds, which is near what we are hauling around. We probably wouldn't want to tow the boat across country, but it is fine for taking it a few miles around here.

Second, it is front wheel drive. Towing a vehicle usually works best with a rear wheel (or four-wheel) drive vehicle.

Third, is is close to the ground, especially the trailer hitch.

When we went to put the trailer on the van, we found that the straight hitch mount we had put the trailer too close to the ground. We needed one that brought the trailer up about four inches. We headed off to our local U-Haul for a new hitch mount. After we got there, we realized that the hitch mount that raises the trailer up four inches is also the one that lowers it four inches...you just mount the ball on the other side. It just so happened we had one of those at home with the ball on the wrong side for what we needed.

After spending half an hour with some monkey wrenches, we got the ball off and moved to the other side and remounted. Problem solved! When connecting to the trailer, it's at the right level now.