Looking for Moorage

We are trying to find a place to moor the boat. While our mast raising system works, it is still a pretty labor intensive operation to make the boat ready for launch and put it back on the trailer at the end of the day. It would be much better if it was in the water for the summer. Or alternately in dry storage on land, with the mast up.

Unfortunately, every slip in the north end of Lake Washington seems to be full. Ideally, we'd find a slip for about $200 a month, five minutes from our house, for May through September each year. And pigs can fly.

We went out and looked at a slip on Portage Bay, between Lake Union and Lake Washington. We also looked at using dry storage at Sail Sand Point. The Sail Sand Point dry storage only allows hand launch boats. Ours is a little too big for that. There is another dry storage place in Bellevue, but it is undergoing maintenance and closing for a time.